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What hot tub chemicals do I need?
It’s not easy when you are adding chemicals to the hot tub for the first time. When asking which hot tub chemicals are best, or how much chlorine to add to hot tub for the first time, owners quickly become confused with very specific instructions on packaging that speaks in terms of adding grams per litre. This descends in to further questions and calculations, such as what is the water capacity volume of the hot tub. But before you get this far you will need to know what hot tub chemicals you need …. Read more
What hot tub filters do I need?

With so many types of hot tub on the market, it can be tricky to identify the correct replacement hot tub filter cartridge for your spa. There are hundreds of different hot tub filters available. So we made this helpful guide on how to find a replacement …. Read more

How to clean hot tub filters?

Here is our simple guide for hot tub filters cleaning and using hot tub filter cleaner chemicals. Whether you have a luxury model, or an inflatable lay z spa, cleaning filters in hot tubs is essential for providing a safe, healthy bathing water in your spa …. Read more

What type of hot tub chlorine do I need?

There are several different types of hot tub chlorine that can be used to sanitize your water, killing off unwanted bacteria and keeping your hot tub environment healthy. But new hot tub owners can easily become confused with so many hot tub chemicals to choose from. Each have their purpose and are all subtly different …. Read more

Chlorine vs Bromine

Bromine is a chemical element that is used in pools and hot tubs to sanitise the water. It is used to prevent algae growth. It is a halogen and it has the ability to kill bacteria, algae, and other microorganisms.

Bromine is a chemical element that is used in pools and hot tubs to sanitise the water. It can be found in nature as a mineral called bromite. Bromine has been used as a pool sanitiser for over 100 years and is an alternative to chlorine …. Read more

How to prevent and remove hot tub foam?

Foam in hot tubs or swim spas can be an annoying problem. If your hot tub is foamy it could be for a number of reasons that you could prevent prior to proceeding directly to using hot tub foam remover chemicals. In this guide we will discuss how to avoid hot tub foam and how to remove foam in hot tubs …. Read more