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Affordable Hot Tubs – 6 Vita Spa models for under £4,999

Wide range of affordable hot tubs from Vita Spa at Hot Tubs Hampshire

There is absolutely no need to break the bank with our wide range of affordable hot tubs all here on display at Hot Tubs Hampshire. With a wide range of finance options also available you can also simple pay whatever deposit you can afford, and spread the rest over your chosen time period. Come in and ask one of our sales people about finance.

Vita Spa hot tubs are manufactured in the USA. They are the largest manufacturer there, and have decades of experience. Some of the lower end and more affordable models (such as the 100 Series), use the same design shells as the more expensive models. And all are made to the same quality with the same methods. You may have less bells and whistles, such as extra lighting, extra jets and built in aquatic stereo systems. But whatever is included is made to the same quality. You are still getting a Vita shell, with Vita “Vital Energy” insulation. You are still getting a Vita Spa…

Affordable Hot Tubs – The Vita Spa 100 Series

The Image is a 100 Series Vita Spa and a very affordable hot tub at £4,295 (*at time of writing). We have chosen it to showcase this range, as it compares very nicely to The Joli, it’s 700 Series counter-part. Note that the elegant, symmetrical design (ideal for couples) is identical. However, there are more massage jets in the seat configurations and more L.E.Ds etc.

Affordable Hot Tubs - The Image
The Image
Hydrotherapy Hot Tubs - The Joli
This is 500 Series equivalent of the Image model – The Vita Spa Joli

There are also two other affordable hot tubs within the 100 Series. The Forte, and The Voeux. See below:

Affordable Hot Tubs - The Forte
The Forte
Affordable Hot Tubs - The Voeux
The Voeux

Affordable Hot Tubs – The Vita Spa 300 Series

Affordable Hot Tubs - 300 Series Vita Spas

We have three affordable hot tub models in the 300 Series for under £4,999. The Duet, The Amour, and The Circ.

Affordable Hot Tubs - The Duet
The Duet
Affordable Hot Tubs - The Amour
The Amour
Affordable Hot Tubs - The Circ
The Circ

More information about our affordable hot tubs from Vita Spa

Read more about our affordable hot tubs on the UK Vita Spa website, or contact us for more information.