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How to avoid thermal creep in your hot tub

How to avoid thermal creep in your hot tubYour Vita spa is manufactured with energy-efficient components and systems that capture heat generated by the equipment, then transfer that heat back to the spa water. In warmer climates or in situations with extended run times, “Thermal Creep” may occur.

What is Thermal Creep?

Thermal Creep is a condition whereby the actual water temperature is higher than the set temperature.

Thermal Creep only occurs in well-insulated hot tubs.
It is not an indication that something is wrong with your spa or its equipment.

Hot Tub Thermal Creep Avoidance Instructions

  1. Vent your cover.
  2. Open all air controls.
  3. Set your filtration cycles to run during the cooler times of the day or at night.
  4. Reduce the length of your filter cycles.
  5. Contact us or find your nearest dealer for additional guidance.