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Hot Tub Jets – These Jets were made for Healing

Whether it’s the stress of the day, sleepless nights, overworked muscles or inflammation of the joints,Vita Spa’s jets were designed to heal. Think of them as the strong, agile fingers of a seasoned masseuse waiting to work those kinks away. Our jets are performance driven and completely adjustable to satisfy your own individual desire. Be it light, swirling massages, to deep penetrating ones, pulsating jet streams or a soothing whirlpool action, once you experience the natural healing power of our jets, you’ll be left wondering how you ever got by without them.

Ultra Blaster_jet-2Ultra Blaster

It’s an appropriate name as this jet provides a simultaneous super blast of 14 soothing jet streams.This jet works perfectly as a sore back remedy. It’s like 14 jets in one!

Twin-Spin Pulsator_jet-3Twin-Spin Pulsator

Imagine streams of water shooting at random, kneading sore muscles and joints with an invigorating, pulsating massage. The experience is truly remarkable.


Swirling or direct, on-the-spot massage. Which would you prefer? With the Select-A-Swirl’s fully adjustable jet, the selection is yours.


These jets are team players, which is the reason they appear in groups of two or more. Cluster jets provide a vigorous, therapeutic, pinpoint of pressure.With a twist of a finger, its pressure can be adjusted from a strong stream to a calming, soothing massage.

Turbo Whirlpool_jet-6Turbo Whirlpool

Magic is what this powerful performer works, making knots of tension disappear. Also used to create whirlpool action in the spa.

Tension Ease_jet-7Tension Ease™

Indulge yourself as this powerful massaging action penetrates deep into your upper back, neck, and shoulders, where your body is most affected by tension. Individually adjustable for maximum enjoyment.

Trevi Fountain™


Our Trevi Fountain option offers Old World traditions such as soothing sounds and the visual delight of changing colors. Relax your mind, body and spirit as nature’s lullaby melts away stress and tension. Such is Fountain Therapy Vita Spa’s latest innovation. Simple, inviting, intriguing and most of all rejuvenating.