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Hampshire hot tubs have never been so advanced

The Vita Spa BenefitsOur Hampshire based showroom has been selling hot tubs for over 20 years. We added VitaSpa™ hot tubs to our range several years ago. This was clearly the best choice for our customers, thanks to the “appliance grade” qualities and technologies employed by the design and manufacture team in the US.

Since then we have benefited from continuous advances in the design and seen numerous subtle improvements that have consistently re-enforced our original decision to invest in so many VitaSpa™ models for our showroom. Hampshire Hot Tubs have never been so advanced!

Hampshire Hot Tubs – Technology

Hampshire Hot Tubs have never been so feature-rich. Take a look at some of the finer details below, which set VitaSpa™ aside from the rest and demonstrate how ahead of the curve they are compared to normal industry standards:

  • Cutting edge control panels with touch screen technology, useful reminders, and child-proof anti tamper locking.
  • “Smart” sensors which eliminate mechanical sensor switches and remote through wall temperature sensor malfunctions
  • World-wide mobile app control & WIFI Connectivity. Check and control your hot tub from anywhere!
  • Top-end Bluetooth sound systems

Above are just some of the more technological features included in our hot tubs. Read more about these features and others here.

Hampshire Hot Tubs – Components

Hot Tubs Hampshire - More Quality Time

  • 6 types of hydrotherapy jets performing 6 different massage methods.
  • AquaGlo™ LED lights in the cup holders, fountains, waterfalls and shell.
  • Improved Ozone & UV filtration
  • Triple later insulation utilizing sealed copper, recycled fabrics, and Thinsulate™ which is completely condensation free. Comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Hampshire Hot Tubs – Construction


  • Solid steel frame structure that with never rot or twist. Also comes with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Solid sealed pan base making your hot tub completely weatherproof, protecting internal components from moisture through the floor.
  • Highest power pumps possible! We did not compensate on jet performance.
  • Maintenance-free cabinet outer walls that look great for years to come.
  • Highest standards of acrylic shell. Very thick and strong.
  • NO FOAM FILLED SPAS HERE! Both the interior and exterior walls can be easily removed on all sides for any maintenance or servicing.

Sealed Pan   Ultimate Hot Tub ConstructiionSteel Frame 16' Swim Spa 1

Read more about the attention to detail in our Hampshire Hot Tubs on the Vita Spa Hot Tub Construction page.