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UK Hot Tubs – Where to find information for first-time buyers

UK Hot Tubs - Where to find independent and impartial information for first time buyersIf you are looking for UK hot tubs and swim spas please see below a list of sources to find a hot tub model and dealer in your area. We sell hot tubs in Hampshire and the surrounding areas only. But there are multiple makes, models, and dealers throughout the country. There are also some very useful resources for first-time buyers looking for UK Hot Tubs.

UK Hot Tubs – Which brands?

The UK hot tubs industry is a minefield of different manufacturers and brands, sometimes the same manufacturers selling the same hot tubs under multiple brands and disassociated hot tub dealers. Always be very careful to approach any hot tub purchase much like you would any other large investment. Question the dealer about the manufacturer, construction, warranties, spare parts, and running costs.

Below is a list of useful independent third-party organisations where you can start your search:

The Hot Tub ClubUK Hot Tubs Buying Guides

Consider reading some of the many buying guides when looking for a UK Hot Tub. The UK Hot Tub industry is a sea of different sellers all claiming to have the best technology, each with their own gimmicky selling points. There is inevitably a learning curve to get your head around the technology, what’s important and what’s not.

The UK Hot Tubs Industry, a minefield of cheap imports

Consider the size, reputation, and age of the manufacturer and respective dealer network. Unfortunately, the different qualities of hot tub available in the UK vary extremely. And it is often what appears “under the hood” that makes the difference, especially when it comes to price. The reputability of the manufacturer and the size of the dealer network is a good indication as to who is selling quality and able to support their customers. It also increases peace of mind to know that if your local dealer ceases to operate that you can obtain support elsewhere. (We have seen numerous companies go bankrupt over the years by swooping in with a very cheap range of hot tubs, and then get swamped with repairs and legal costs when their customers start to have problems. These customers end up with no refunds, no support, and a broken hot tub).

Vita Spa hot tubs & swim spas sold across the UK

All of the above is only part of the reason why we chose to stock only Vita Spa UK hot tubs, manufactured by Maax Spas, the largest manufacturer in America. The construction, warranties, and technology reflect the quality we wanted for our Hampshire based customers. And the operation is supported by dealers across the country and a central distributor.  So if you are looking for UK hot tubs, please consider locating your nearest dealer here.

Vita Spa, UK Hot Tubs Maax Spas, the largest hot tub manufacturer in the USA. Makers of Vita Spa, sold throughout the UK.

Lincolnshire, UK Hot Tubs – 1 Stop Spas

1 Stop Spas offers a friendly and knowledgeable approach to all things spa related. Whether you need help with your existing spa or want to explore the options of a new spa purchase the staff at 1 Stop Spas are there to service your needs.

Website: www.1stopspas.com/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/1StopSpas
Twitter: twitter.com/1StopSpas

Northampton, UK Hot Tubs – AquaFlames

Vita Spa dealers for the Northampton area.

Website: www.aquaflames.co.uk

Essex, UK Hot Tubs – Aqua Warehouse & Vita Spa UK Hot Tubs HQ

The fun, friendly and relaxed atmosphere makes a visit to Aqua Warehouse a pleasant experience. Buying a hot tub should be exciting and buying a Vita Spa from Aqua Warehouse certainly is! Possibly the most successful hot tub operation in the UK.

Website: www.aquawarehouse.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Aqua-Warehouse/112483218810509

North Devon, UK Hot Tubs – Bay Spas

Bay Spas is a leading supplier of Spas and Hot Tubs across Devon, UK. They have a wide range for sale and hire in our North Devon showroom as well as chemicals, accessories, covers and filters. Proud agents for the Vita Spa range of hot tubs and swim spas since 2003.

Website: www.bayspas.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/bayspas.hottubs
Twitter: twitter.com/BaySpasHotTubs

Middlesbrough, UK Hot Tubs – Garden Leisure

Garden Leisure is another major Vita Spa dealer, working in the Teesside area. Garden Leisure only stock and offer the most reliable models of the highest quality. That’s Vita Spa!

Website: www.glshop.co.uk

Lancashire, UK Hot Tubs – Heritage Spas

Vita Spa dealers for the Lancashire area.

Webiste: www.heritagespas.co.uk

Tyne and Wear, UK Hot Tubs – The Hot Tub Factory

The Hot Tub Factory first started selling hot tubs and above ground garden pools in the UK in May 2006. They are based in the NE of England and have sold some of the world’s top brands over the last 12 years. The Hot Tub Factory are now proud retailers of Vita Spa for Tyne and Wear, UK.

Website: www.thehottubfactory.co.uk

Hampshire, UK Hot Tubs – Hot Tubs Hampshire & Pool Pro

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dL3-E3cq-Go[/embedyt]

That’s us. You’re reading our website. You might also be interested in www.poolpro.co.uk

South Yorkshire, UK Hot Tubs – Hydro-Active

Hydro-active Pools & Spas in Doncaster, South Yorkshire welcomes you to the world of ultimate relaxation. Nothing compares to the soothing feeling of sliding into the warm, swirling waters of a spa by Hydro-active Pools & Spas. After a hard day at work, the therapeutic effects of a hot tub can’t be beaten.

Website: www.hydroactivepools.co.uk

Kent, UK Hot Tubs – Oasis Pools & Spas

Oasis Swimming Pools Kent are proud to be appointed the Kent Dealer for Vita Spas Come and see our new range of spas at our lovely new showroom

Website: oasishottubskent.co.uk
Twitter: twitter.com/OasisPoolsUK

Surrey, UK Hot Tubs – Pools and Spas Windlesham

Vita Spa dealers for the Surrey area.

Website: www.poolsandspaswindlesham.co.uk

Somerset, UK Hot Tubs – Somerset Hot Tubs

Welcome to the Somerset Hot Tubs showroom in Bridgwater. You will find this family-run business friendly, knowledgeable, and easy to do business with. The display has 7 hot tubs on display. Wet testing is available but please call in advance to ensure your choice of Vita Spa is balanced and up to temperature.

Website: www.somerset-hottubs.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/somersethottubs

Cornwall, UK Hot Tubs – Spyrys Hot Tubs

Vita Spa dealers based in Wadebridge, North Cornwall.

Website: www.spyrys.co.uk

Gloucester, UK Hot Tubs – Superior Hot Tubs

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Website: superiorhottubs.co.uk

Norfolk & Suffolk, UK Hot Tubs – The Hot Tub Centre

The Hot Tub Centre have an expansive showroom in Norwich. They have 16 hot tubs and swim spas on display. Some spas are full and ready to test and some are empty so you can climb in dry and try for size. There is a changing room if you wish to wet test a hot tub that takes your fancy. You will find our staff friendly and knowledgeable with an easy no pressure style.

Website: www.thehottubcentre.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hottubswimspacentre
Twitter: twitter.com/hottubcentre

Wales, UK Hot Tubs – Welsh Hot Tub Company

Awarded for our unique modern business strategies, we provide our customers with the largest selection of hot tubs, swim spas, saunas, gazebos, endless pools and hot tub parts in the UK. Based on the outskirts of the coastal town of Aberystwyth we are ideally located to provide our services to the majority of mid and west Wales. We employ local people and work with local suppliers and are happy to speak Welsh or English with our customers.

Website: www.welshhottubs.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/welshhottubs
Twitter: twitter.com/welshhottubs