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For hot tub chemicals and any other kind of pool or spa supplies in Hampshire, look no further. We stock all major brands, all major choices of sanitiser, and are priced very competitively on a national scale. We sell our supplies nationwide via our sister site softubspas.co.uk – Everything for your pool or spa – SHOP NOW!

Either pop into the showroom, call us or order online for home delivery. We pride ourselves on good service, and being able to explain hot tub chemicals and maintenance in plain English. We know you want to take your family’s safety seriously, and we won’t baffle your with nonsense. We want you to have trouble free bathing with minimum effort. Let us guide you through the options and help you decide on the best hot tub chemicals for you.

Due to the nation-wide scale of our hot tub chemicals supplies operation, we keep large stocks in all your favourite products. We are open 7 days a week, and during the long days of the summer months we stay open late 3 nights a week (Tues, Wed, Thurs). Always here, ready to take your order and ship it to you next day. More time bathing, less time dealing with green water!

Hot Tub Chemicals – Brands and Sanitisers for Hot Tubs

We are major stockists for Pro-Swim hot tub chemicals, as well as AquaSparkle. We also stock Blue Horizons, Fi-Clor, Revacil, Baquacil, and AquaBlanc. Why so many? We know seasoned hot tub veterans will find a brand that works for them and stick to it, and like to provide all the options.

The initial choice to make when selecting hot tub chemicals is your primary sanitiser. This is what kills all the unwanted bacteria that inevitably tries to grow in the busy hot water environment of your hot tub. Typical sanitisers (and the most popular) are chlorine and bromine.  Chlorine is slightly cheaper than bromine, but some prefer the smell of bromine and it’s also slightly more affective in a hot tub. Chlorine however is very affective and if you maintain safe levels with the use of your spa test strips, any odour from the water is of no offence to most. On the other hand, for a few pounds more, Bromine is always a safe bet. Some people with skin conditions often find that Bromine is softer and more enjoyable. If neither chlorine or bromine is to your liking, then we recommend AquaBlanc Active Oxygen which is very mild and works very well with only a little additional chlorine shock applied once a week.

Hot Tub Chemicals – Testing & Spa Test Strips

For the safety of all bathers, it is vital that you combine the use of hot tub chemicals with sound testing practices. Every hot tub owner should be using spa test strips from a reputable brand, and get to grips with testing and dosing effectively. Hot tub chemicals packaging often speak in terms of weights and water volume, which can be confusing. But if you operate under the following rule of thumb you will avoid danger:


To buy spa test strips or other hot tub chemicals, please click here.

Hot Tub Chemicals – Support & Advice Phone line.

For advice and guidance relating to hot tub chemicals, please call our support line on 08700 763 882.