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Exercise Spa & Luxury Hydrotherapy – The Mystique 700 from Vita Spa

Luxury Hot Tubs & Exercise Spas

This is the Mystique. It is both an exercise spa and our most luxurious hydrotherapy hot tub. It is a bridge between the Vita Spa 700 Series and the Vita Spa XStream Swim Spas. And it is quite simply, beautiful.

Exercise Spa – Mystique 700 Spec

Seats: 6 Person


290 x 234 x 96.5cm
114” x 90” x 38”

Ltrs: 1,817
Gals:  480
Dry weight: 424 kg
Wet weight: 2,242 kg
Power: 32 amp

  • 77 Stainless Steel Jets
  • 5 Pump System 50,000 gal a day
  • Filtration Water Purification System
  • MP3 / Bluetooth Music System 150watt Subwoofer
  • NEW Symphonic Wave Massage Seat
  • NEW Deluxe Touch Screen Topside Controls
  • WiFi Connectivity LED Lights -Cup Holders – LED Fountains
  • Recycled Blue MAAX Insulation
  • Steel Frame Construction
  • Seal Pan Base Safety
  • Entry Steps
  • Air Venturi

Exercise Spa – Mystique 700 Top Side View

Exercise Spa - Mystique 700 Spec

Read more about the Mystique on our pool and spa supplies website or on the Vita Spa UK website!

What can you do in an Exercise Spa?

The Mystique Exercise SpaThere are a number of health benefits available to owners of an exercise spa. You can swim against the powerful counter current jets like a treadmill for swimmers. It feels a bit like swimming up stream in a river, but has the effect of swimming in open ocean unlike in a pool (no matter how large), where you inevitably come to a wall sooner or later!

As well as swimming, there are attachments for resistance training bands as well as rowing bars. AquaSize is a long established for of exercise. By using the horizontal bar above the counter current jets, a range of strength and stretching exercises can be undertaken.
Exercise Spa - Hydrotherapy And lets not forget, when you are done being active, do not forget to take advantage of the hydrotherapy end of your swim spa. You will have at least two luxurious bucket seats with numerous jets to soothe and ease your muscles.

The perfect start, or end to any day. The perfect day off. The perfect addition to any schedule…

Exercise Spa – Beyond the 700 Series

The Mystique is by far the best hydrotherapy hot tub in the range. However, it is the smallest exercise in the range. Beyond the 700 series lies our XStream Swim Spas range, containing 6 models. From 12ft and upwards, they provide the best of both worlds with a larger exercise and swimming area with varying number of hydrotherapy seats. For the ultimate in home lifestyle and relaxation, please take a look at this range.

Exercise Spa - XSP Swim Spa
The XSP – Vita Spa XStream Exercise Swim Spa
Exercise Spa - XB4 Swim Spa
The XB4 – Vita Spa XStream Exercise Swim Spa
Exercise Spa - XSD Swim Spa
The XSD – Vita Spa XStream Exercise Swim Spa
Exercise Spa - XRS Swim Spa
The XRS – Vita Spa XStream Exercise Swim Spa
Exercise Spa - XR Swim Spa
The XR – Vita Spa XStream Exercise Swim Spa
Exercise Spa - XL4 Swim Spa
The XL4 – Vita Spa XStream Exercise Swim Spa