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Hydrotherapy Hot Tubs – Let aches, pains and stress melt away.

Hydrotherapy Hot Tubs Hampshire

Hydrotherapy hot_tubs - RomanHydrotherapy hot tubs may seem like a luxury until you’ve fully experience the benefit. And then they become a necessity. Hydrotherapy has been around a long time and includes a long-established group of ideas surrounding the use of water for health and well-being. It is widely used in occupational therapy and physiotherapy.

But everyone benefits from regular exposure to the properties of the warm water in a hydrotherapy hot tub. The temperature of the water, and even the extra pressure it exerts (when compared to ambient air pressure), helps to increase blood flow. This is especially good for a range of symptoms from daily life. Tension of the muscles from stress or labor become significantly relaxed and simply melts away.

Hydrotherapy hot tubs were used in both Ancient Greece and in Roman times. But design features and benefits have come on a way since then!

Hydrotherapy Hot Tubs – Features & Benefits

Hydrotherapy Hot Tubs - Foot MassageTypically, modern day hydrotherapy hot tubs employ water temperatures up to 40 degrees centigrade, a range of high pressure massage jets performing various types of stimulation, and air flow for further stimulation. However, some finer details such as water falls and fountains, aromatherapy, and even chromotherapy all help to enhance the state of relaxation.

Hydrotherapy Hot Tubs – Hydrotherapy & Exercise Combined

Hydrotherapy Hot Tubs HampshireHydrotherapy hot tubs are great for relaxation. But for those who might not get enough exercise in their day job, a little light routine before you relax is ideal for body and mind. What better for this, than a luxury hydrotherapy exercise spa and/or swim spa. Such exercise spas allow you to perform exercises such as swimming, rowing, and “aquasize” exercises and hydrotherapy massage seats all in one unit.  There are a range of options, one of the most impressive being the combination of two units such as an 18ft swim spa and sun deck unit, with a 700 Series hydrotherapy hot tub unit.

Hydrotherapy Hot Tubs – Some Examples from Vita Spa

Here are just a few examples of the latest hydrotherapy hot tubs from the United State’s number one manufacturer, Vita Spa. There are plenty more in the range, but these are a few of our best selling favourites:

The Elegant Hydrotherapy Hot Tub (Vita Spa 300 Series)

Hydrotherapy Hot Tubs - The Elegant

The Prestige Hydrotherapy Hot Tub (Vita Spa 500 Series)

Hydrotherapy Hot Tubs - The Prestige

The Joli Hydrotherapy Hot Tub (Vita Spa 500)

Hydrotherapy Hot Tubs - The Joli

The Monarque Hydrotherapy Hot Tub (Vita Spa 500)

Hydrotherapy Hot Tubs - The Monarque

The Chateau Hydrotherapy Hot Tub (Vita Spa 700)

Hydrotherapy Hot Tubs - The ChateaU

Hydrotherapy Hot Tubs – View them all

As previously stated, there are a lot more hydrotherapy hot tubs on display at Hot Tubs Hampshire.  Click to find out more and choose the perfect hydrotherapy hot tub for you!