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Hot Tub Covers & Hot Tub Cover Lifters – The Options

Hot Tub Covers & Hot Tub Cover Lifters

Hot Tub Covers - LiftersAn important choice to make when purchasing a hot tub is to consider hot tub covers and associated hot tub cover lifters if not in a combined unit. Most hot tub dealers would include free hot tub covers as we do. But a spending a little extra on a hot tub cover lifter will ensure maximum ease of use when getting in and out of the hot tub.

This is especially important during cold winter months, when you will want to minimise the time between house to hot tub and hot tub to house, dripping wet in your dressing gown. Being able to flip the cover open and close it just as quickly, you will find this short dash well worth it and use your hot tub all year round!

Hot tub covers included on all hot tub deals.

Hot Tub Covers from Hot Tubs HampshireStandard hot tub covers are included with all Vita Spas sold at Hot Tubs Hampshire. The full retail price for replacing these is £200, however they are very durable and will look nice for many years.

Cover lifters and any other other hot tub accessories are sold at a 50% discount when ordered alongside one of our hot tubs. However, a popular choice these days is to upgrade to a Smartop Cover from Leisure Concepts due to the superior strength and durability. (You can even walk across these hot tub covers).

When upgrading to a SmartTop Hot Tub Cover at the time of purchasing a hot tub, we can discount £300, and include it in your deal for an extra £1200. See more below.

Hot Tub Covers – Smartop by Leisure Concepts


Smartop Hot Tub Covers by Leisure Concepts Special Offer

Smartop was designed and is manufactured in the USA to correct one problem with owning a spa: hot tub covers that leak, look bad and require maintenance after time. In our opinion, Smartop is a better and longer-lasting hot tub cover option.

Smart Hot Tub Cover Features & Specs

Smart Hot Tub Covers - Features

  • Designed with safety in mind (UL certified to ASTM F1346-91 – Reapproved 2010 – Standard for Manual Safety Covers)
  • Zero water retention
  • Durable and long-lasting materials
  • Integrated Hydraulic Cover Lifter
  • Incredibly strong
  • Steel Cable Cover Lock System
  • Repairable and replaceable components
  • Optimal heat retention
  • Colors match most leading spa manufacturer cabinets (including out Mocha / Grey walls on Vita Spa)


Leisure Concepts Smart Hot Tub Cover Video