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For Hot Tubs in Hants (Hampshire UK) look no further. Hot Tubs Hampshire is the new local showroom for Vita Spa. Our new showroom extension was created to house two display swim spas and our most luxurious hot tubs. Complete with a small changing room so that visitors can pre-arrange “wet tests” to try before you buy.

With plans to extend our showroom even further, we expect to be the largest showroom in the county by May 2016. Our aim is to provide you with the largest range of the world’s best hot tubs all on display. With hard shell hot tubs starting at £3,600, and hydrotherapy swim spas and exercise spas up to £20,000, we have a hot tub for any budget. We also stock much cheaper inflatable spas for those who need a year or so of experimentation to see if they are likely to use a more expensive hot tub on a regular basis, before taking the plunge.

Comparing Hot Tubs in Hants – How do Vita Spa hot tubs fair?

Recently we have been working on a few side-by-side comparisons of Vita Spa models and some competing brands that our customers also mention discovering whilst in our showroom.  And the deeper we investigate, the more we realise just how much better value and better designed Vita Spa hot tubs really are.

Conclusion: There is no comparison. Vita Spa wins hands down every time on spec, on price, on quality and on features. It’s plain to see why Vita Spa has fast become the USA’s largest manufacturer and all set to become the market leader internationally.

Don’t believe us? Bring in your quotes from other dealers and let us show you the differences.

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Then come see the best hot tubs in Hants!

We spent two years deliberating and another two years holding meetings with a range of other manufacturers before eventually committing to huge investment in Vita Spa display hot tubs. Two years later we remain convinced, and are continuously impressed by Vita Spa.

When you first starting looking at hot tubs, it is very confusing and not easy to see the difference in the quality and the features available in the market. But it’s the little differences in the design that makes all the difference under the hood. Quite often the most important considerations are not how many jets, or how aesthetic a hot tub looks. But less interesting attributes such as the way they are heated and insulated, and what the structure is made from.

For those looking for hot tubs in Hants, We are convinced that we can match any spec hot tub and bring it to your home for less than the competition, without scrimping on quality or features.

Hot Tubs in Hants – Ranges & Models at the Hot Tubs Hampshire Showroom

Please take a look at the following sections on our site. Also, is the website for Vita Spa UK Head Office and is well worth a look!

Hot Tubs in Hampshire

Hot Tubs in Hants – Chemicals & Accessories

Hot Tub Chemicals Hampshire - You Local Hot Tub & Swim Spa CentreWe also have an extremely comprehensive hot tubs supplies store in the showroom, complete with a very wide range of swimming pool and hot tub chemicals and accessories.

We sell our goods nation wide via our e-commerice website

To do so requires us to be very competitive, and you will not find better prices locally.

Expert advice on the shop floor, we take the time to ensure your families safety and teach you what you need to know.