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Vita Spa: Unbeatable Construction, Innovative Design & Cutting Edge Technology

Lifetime Warranty Steel Structure

The Steel Sub-Structure used in Vita Spa hot tubs 700 and 500 series has the highest strength to weight ratio of any building material available.


Steel Frame 16' Swim Spa 1Steel Logo
The light-gauge steel frame provides a great structural integrity, superior corrosion protection, will not expand or contract with moisture, rot, warp, split or crack and has no risk of animal infestation. Sturdy and build to last, your Vita Spa hot tub steel structure carries a lifetime warranty.

Steel Structure Lifet#29C84

Solid Sealed Pan Base

The ABS Sealed base is an integral part of the support structure in a Vita Spa hot tub. It’s one piece construction provides a rugged foundation that seals the bottom of the spa, locking in heat and sealing out moisture.

Sealed Pan

High Power Pumps

56 frame Pump-1-300x199Vita Spa hot tubs utilise industrial duty 56 frame pumps in all the 240 Volt models. The 56 frame motor is larger, more powerful and deliveries higher water flow for better jet performance. They also run cooler for longer life and have lower amp draw for lower operating costs.

High Efficiency Energy Transfer and Vital Energy Insulation System

HEET_features-1The last thing that should be on your mind while enjoying your hot tub is your electric bill. Good news! Thanks to our exclusive H.E.E.T.™ (High Efficiency Energy Transfer) system, Vita Spa is the world’s most economical spa to oprate. It sounds complex, but it’s really very simple.The H.E.E.T. Stick™ forces water through a maze of baffles that generate heat due to water friction, which is then transferred into your spa. This all happens while the circulation pump filters your spa. We refer to it as FREE heat.

For a more efficient heating and energy cost reductions, a Vita Spa comes with a Vital Energy Insulation System. Made from natural recycled fibres, the system uses an advanced technology that recycles radiant heat energy and prohibits heat loss. Energy created by the spa stays in the spa.

Insulation Lifetime W#29C86

Eco-friendly, maintenance free hot tub cabinet

Made out of a high impact composite, Excel-X™ looks and feels like real natural wood. Excel-X™ is ecologically friendly, doesn’t weather or stain, and is virtually maintenance free. Available in Teak, Gray and Mocha.

Hot Tub Cabinet_2012-DuraMAAX-Panels1

Thick Acrylic Shell

Made from one single sheet of the highest grade acrylics, ultra thick, solid and smooth. Vita Spa shells are comfortable, durable, defect / blemish-free, attractive and easy to clean. Available in a plethora of colour styles.


Under the hood

You may not ever need to see the attention to detail under the hood of your Vita Spa. Should your Vita Spa appliance grade hot tub ever need maintenance, it can be serviced and put completely back together to factory specifications. This is not possible with conventional foam filled hot tubs, as they are extremely hard to service and are typically damaged in the process.