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Crystal Clear Water – Vita Spa Ultimate Hot Tub Filtration System

Power of OzoneOur dual filtering system ensures that maximum amount of water passes through the filter before it re-enters the spa. The first filter is driven by the powerful jet pumps, which rapidly circulates large amounts of water back into the spa. The second filter, works with the 24 hour circulation pump, incorporating our special cartridge element which filters out debris and particles. The CleanZone ozonator oxidises bacteria in the water while the CleanZone II UV System neutralises hard to kill bacteria. Crystal clear water, minimal maintenance and a healthy, purifying experience for you.

The Power of Ozone & UV Spa Filtration

Ultimate Filtration System_New-CleanZone-Cartridge1-300x200UV-Light-2013-opt.1We’ve taken our cue from nature combining the benefits of ozone and UV light. In the purification process, the water is continually being filtered and purified. The use of UVC lights is the same technology utilised in many communities around the word to purify drinking water. The Ozone System is used to oxidise and clean your spa water.